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About us

Stay Current Training is the IT education and training arm of CMB computers.

CMB Computers was originally founded in South Africa in 1990 as a computer consulting, bookkeeping, and training business. The business migrated to Australia in 1998 with one of the principals.

Over the past two decades CMB Computers has provided both training and consulting services to the VET Sector, small business and large corporate entities. Services provided are in the areas of network management, education, and software support. 

Online access using a variety of devices has become the norm and protecting information is essential. Cyber security on all manner of devices is critical and we provide a range of courses to enable you to understand and mitigate the risks.

Our Senior Trainer

Arlaine Berman

Arlaine has been involved in adult education in the IT industry for several decades. She has trained both technical and non-technical courses to adult students at all levels.

Her passion is in the areas of Productivity and Cyber Security.

Cyber Security : As the trend to be constantly available online grows,  large amounts of personal data becomes exposed through the organisations we deal with and the agreements we unwittingly accept. Arlaine is committed to shining a light on  the risks associated with being online and empowering her students to take their security into their own hands and use the necessary tools protect themselves from online predators.

Productivity: Technology is constantly evolving and it is not easy to always stay on top of things. These rapid changes bring more exciting tools which allow us to get more done in less time.  Finding those tools and sharing them with others is how we grow and perform more effectively and Arlaine is committed to the ever-changing world of technology and to enabling students to be more productive in the limited time they have.

Arlaine is continuously involved in helping people make the leap into new technology with confidence and ease, no matter what starting point they are at and what devices they use.

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