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Are you safe from SCAMMERS?

Scammers are all around us!

Top Tip for avoiding SCAMS

DON’T supply ANY personal details to anyone unless you are 100% sure who it is. This includes birthdates, car registration numbers, family details, and above all any bank account details – including and especially credit card information. If someone calls you requesting information – offer to call them back (and check that the number is genuine)

Scammers often masquerade as banks. Banks do not randomly request financial information online. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, contact your bank

If you believe that you may have given out financial information inappropriately contact your bank immediately and they may recommend changing your account details.

Another useful tip – don’t open or reply to unsolicited emails as these may contain a virus or direct you to a bogus website that is designed to extract personal or financial information from you – never click on a link unless you are sure where that link comes from – be safe rather than Sorry

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