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Be Smarter Online

In the ever changing world of technology

Our courses are designed to help businesses and individuals get the most out of their technology. We’re committed to helping people learn about the technology that they use, so they can work smarter and more efficiently. Whether you want to use your computer or mobile device better, understand what you need to do to protect yourself online,  or need training on specific software applications, we have a course that will suit your needs. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for online, just give us a call – we can create custom courses too.

Smarter Training Online is a Division of CMB Computers which has been established as an experienced computer & IT training company in Australia since 1998.

Computer Courses & Online Learning

There is no better feeling than knowing that you have become a master at using your computer or software application. Let us show you how easy it is to do something as simple as sending an email or creating a spreadsheet! With our classes, we guarantee that by the end of our course, not only will students be able to complete tasks faster but they will also be able to troubleshoot problems when they arise. We want all of our students to feel confident in their abilities after taking one of our courses because we know what it feels like when someone doesn’t understand what we are trying to say – frustrating! That’s why we make sure every student leaves with confidence knowing exactly what they need from us next time around. If there ever was such thing as “computer magic” then this would definitely be it! So don’t wait any longer… Sign up today for one of our amazing courses!

These are just a few of the learning outcomes we offer;

Simple & Affordable

Gain Confidence Online

Upgrade Computer Skills

Keep Your Computer Safe

Make Business Easier

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We offer two sets of educational services.
Choose the way you learn best.

Online Courses

Our online short courses cover a variety of common IT topics and subject matter. Each short course generally lasts for between 1 – 7 hours and can be completed flexibly according to your own schedule. The subject matter in our computer courses are broken down into sets of simple modules for quick and easy viewing.

The online computer courses are perfect for those who only want to learn about specific computer issues. They are ideal for individuals or businesses with selected IT learning needs.

Complete online courses to obtain a good foundation in selected subjects, and achieve your desired learning outcome. Explore our current range of courses and upgrade your skills.

Membership Site

Through a small monthly subscription you gain access to our database of computer and IT knowledge. These are in the form of short how-to videos, articles, tips, and tricks.

The membership site is perfect for small businesses to access ongoing step-by-step learning. The knowledgebase teaches ways to improve retail processes, reporting, and business management through their computer. It also shows solutions for many common computer processes and issues encountered in modern business operation.

Browse at leisure and according to need. View responses to previous enquiries, and ask new questions if there is no similar content already available.

Our Workshops

We have a number of different workshops to choose from


Half day bring your own device workshop


Half day bring your own device workshop


Full day intro and bring your own device

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