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Router Configuration

Router Configuration

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The router can be your gateway to a wonderful world of information—or it can be a doorway to cyber threats.

The scenario that will happen with you is up to you.

Wi-Fi access has become not only a business imperative but also a common household thing. And while you might have invested in a software or two to secure your browsing experience, not focusing on the router’s security can end up wasting their investments, giving hackers the perfect window to get inside your security parameter.

And it all starts with step 1—whatever you do after the unboxing!


Router security is an underappreciated part of the security infrastructure of most enterprises. Hence, it has become one of the most go-to places for cybercriminals to look for a weakness in your protocols.

With the right knowledge and methodologies, you will be able to beat them to the punch and discourage them from even trying to compromise your network.

And the best part is, it won’t take you a long time to get there!


This course will reveal the biggest router security loopholes most people overlook. 

It’s time to plug the security loophole you never knew you had by securing your router!

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