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Being in a browser window and accessing the internet has become one of the most utilised tools within our working environment and can make us more or less productive, depending on how we use it.  We look at a few tools that will make you much more productive and efficient whilst browsing  

In video one we will work with the Bookmark Bar in a Chrome Browser (or any other browser) and  you learn how to set up this bar to manage those websites that you access on a regular basis.

Having all of these favourite sites handy across devices is extremly useful. In video 2 you’ll take the experience further by using a bookmark manager known as which is an extension on your browser or an app on your mobile phone and will allow you to set up favourite websites videos or even music across any type of mobile devices or computers (Mac, PC or Android) 

The third video will increase efficiency by managing the tabs in your chrome browser window, joining associated tabs together and keeping your screen free from clutter. Expand and contract the tabs as needed

Manage browser extensions and activate those you are not currently using without having to uninstall them. quickly reduce the amount of memory your Chrome browser is using on your PC to boost the computer speed

Our final video takes a look at two tools to reduce the amount of memory that is held up by the browser window.  Manage the extensions and only turn them on as needed with Extensity and Collapse all tabs into one window freeing up to 75% of memory used by using one Tab

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