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Do you waste time looking for files that you have created – can’t remember where you stored it – lost the folder you saved it to?

So many files and so many folders over of a wide variety of storage locations it’s no wonder we can never find the documents we’re looking for when we want them. In this series of videos will start off by understanding the different file locations they are available for us to store our documents on then in the second video we will take a look at quick access and pinning only a very few of the most commonly used folders to the file manager. In the third video we will use libraries to create shortcuts And logically group associated folders together irrespective of whether there are located on the local machine, a network file share or even in the cloud.

And when all else fails and we can’t find the file we’re looking for we take a look at how to use an advanced search in windows file manager to do a search using a variety of filters.

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