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Router Configuration

Router Configuration

The router can be your gateway to a wonderful world of information—or it can be a doorway to cyber threats. The scenario that will happen with you is up to you. Wi-Fi access has become not only a business imperative but also a common household thing. And while you might have invested in a software …

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Easy File Management

Do you waste time looking for files that you have created – can’t remember where you stored it – lost the folder you saved it to? So many files and so many folders over of a wide variety of storage locations it’s no wonder we can never find the documents we’re looking for when we …

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Automate Typing to save time

If you haven’t given much thought to how much you repeat what you type when you are working at your computer – take a look at the work you regularly do. If it’s a link to your social media profile, signatures in your documents, standard terms and conditions, quotations or a whole lot more – …

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